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Medical malpractice claim says surgery caused stroke

Thanks to advances in medical technology, patients can now be treated for issues that would have gone unresolved several decades ago. Despite these advances, patients in Wisconsin and across the country can still become victims of medical malpractice. For example, one woman in another state claims that she suffered a stroke as a result of her doctors’ failure to meet the appropriate standard of care.

The woman was diagnosed with two benign tumors, one of which was causing her to suffer issues with her hearing. Doctors recommended removal, but the lawsuit claims that the surgery was performed in 2014 without providing the appropriate informed consent. During the surgery, doctors reportedly cut one of the three main arteries leading to the brain, causing a stroke.

As a result of the stroke, the woman was unable to speak or move her right side, among other injuries. After discharge from the hospital, she spent time in several rehabilitation facilities. Although she is at home now and some reports indicate that her condition has somewhat improved due to intensive therapy and rehabilitation, the lawsuit claims that she needs care 24 hours a day. She is requesting $15 million.

While there are many well-trained and qualified medical professionals in Wisconsin, incidents such as this still occur, leaving patients facing a lifetime of increased medical needs. These needs often result in expenses with which they are unable to cope.  As a result, many seek the guidance of an attorney with medical malpractice experience as they seek the justice they deserve, simultaneously preventing similar harm to other patients.

Source:, “Linn County woman files $15 million medical malpractice claim against UIHC“, Trish Mehaffey, March 15, 2016


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