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Wisconsin police investigate fatal car accident

There are many drivers on Wisconsin roadways who take risks with their own lives. They disobey the speed limit and text while driving, for example. Unfortunately, many do not realize that negligent actions can often place others in danger as well. Police in Wisconsin are investigating a car accident that resulted in one man’s death and sent three other people to the hospital.

According to reports, the accident happened one afternoon in early May. Police say that the 30-year-old male driver of a car lost control of his vehicle for reasons that are unclear. As a result, he struck a pickup truck containing a 76-year-old man and his two young grandchildren.

Both vehicles left the roadway and struck a concrete pillar following the collision. The pickup truck reportedly overturned. Although the older man was transported to the hospital by helicopter, he passed away as a result of injuries suffered in the accident. The two children and driver of the other vehicle were also taken to the hospital. Police are still investigating the accident.

Unfortunately, the lives of those involved in the car accident will likely never be the same. The family of the deceased man is likely still coming to terms with the news of the unexpected loss of its loved one. While also grieving for family members, many in Wisconsin who have lost loved ones in such tragic and unexpected way often find themselves facing financial concerns as they try to cope with medical costs and funeral expenses. In the case of an accident caused by another’s negligence, there are legal remedies available that could potentially result in an award of damages that would allow a family to focus on emotional recovery rather than how to pay the bills.

Source: lakecountrynow.com, “Victim in Monday’s fatal crash on Highway 16 in Delafield identified as 76-year-old Berlin man”, Steven Martinez, May 3, 2016

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