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Personal injury: Woman and toddler mauled by 2 dogs

Dogs and other pets are often wonderful additions to a family. Unfortunately, some pet owners may overlook the potential harm that a beloved family pet can cause to others. For example, a mother and her toddler suffered a personal injury in Wisconsin in an attack that police are describing as unprovoked.

The incident happened around noon on a day in June. According to reports, two neighbors heard the attack and intervened. One of the witnesses describe the dogs as pit bulls. A police officer claimed that without the intervention of the two neighbors, the incident could have been fatal.

Others in the neighborhood claim that the dogs had been wondering around the neighborhood with no leash prior to the incident and were not in their owner’s yard at the time of the attack. The owner admits the dogs were responsible for the attack and claims she does not know how they escaped. She has since surrendered the animals for testing and euthanasia.

Many victims of dog attacks have a long road to recovery. In addition to the physical injuries which can require extensive medical treatment, some victims in Wisconsin have also found themselves facing a lengthy emotional recovery. Because treatment can quickly become more than victims can handle, many people file a personal injury lawsuit against the pet owner in order to ensure they he or she is held responsible for the animal’s actions. Because Wisconsin is a strict liability state, victims do not have to prove fault of the owner.

Source:, “‘It just traumatized me’: Neighbor, grandmother, and dog owner emotional after dog attack”, Clare Kaley and Rhonda Roberts, June 20, 2016


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