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Wisconsin car accident kills 2 motorcyclists

Because of their smaller size, motorcycles may be hard to see for those driving larger vehicles. As a result, it is imperative for drivers of larger vehicles to make multiple checks when in order to ensure that there are no motorcyclists in an area. Unfortunately, Wisconsin police claim that a recent car accident involving a motorcycle resulted in the loss of two lives.

The incident occurred on the evening of Memorial Day. Reports indicate a 58-year-old man and 52-year-old woman were riding a motorcycle at approximately 6 p.m. Police say that a sports utility vehicle driven by a 20-year-old woman attempted a left turn into their path, causing a collision.

Both riders were ejected from the motorcycle and died at the scene. Both the SUV and motorcycle caught on fire following the collision. The driver of the SUV, who is said to have been delivering a pizza for a restaurant at the time of the collision, reportedly told police that she did not see the oncoming motorcycle before attempting the turn. It is unclear if criminal charges are expected to be filed.

Unfortunately, two families are now left unexpectedly coping with the loss of their family members due to the car accident. Because the financial consequences of an unexpected loss such as this are often more than many families can handle, some who have experienced a loss caused by another’s negligence have sought recompense in a Wisconsin civil court. If successfully presented, surviving family members could receive a monetary award that will help them cope with funeral costs, lost wages and other expenses.

Source:, “Two Minnesota motorcyclists killed in fiery crash on Memorial Day”, Paul Blume, May 31, 2016


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