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Half million dollar judgment in medical malpractice case

Many people in Wisconsin suffer from debilitating pain. As a result, they seek relief from medical care professionals to either alleviate or help manage the pain. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman claims in a medical malpractice lawsuit that the treatment she received for back pain only complicated her medical situation.

The woman claims that she sought treatment for back pain in 2009 from a doctor at Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic when she was 62 year old.  The clinic has since closed. Unfortunately, a lawsuit, filed in 2011, claims that the doctor embedded a 1.5 inch needle in her back during a procedure in Dec. 2009.

A representative for the woman claims that multiple attempts to remove the needle, both by the doctor named as a defendant in the case and at a hospital, were unsuccessful. The needle has since moved six inches downward. While court papers indicate that the defendants in the case, which also include the company that ran the clinic, deny the allegations, a jury has recently ruled in the patient’s favor with a monetary award just over a half million dollars.

Anyone in Wisconsin who has experienced back pain likely knows of the impact it can have on a person’s life. Sufferers seek treatment to help with the pain, trusting that medical care providers will take action that will improve their situation. Unfortunately, medical malpractice can often lead to more harm, prompting additional medical interventions that can be costly and result in lost wages during recovery.  Fortunately, such victims have options that could ultimately lead to recompense if negligence can be proved.

Source: stltoday.com, “Hypodermic needle lodged in St. Louis County woman’s back since 2009 nets $507,000 jury award“, Joel Currier, Sept. 3, 2016

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