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Personal injury compensation available for dog bite victims

People have a love and fascination with animals. At times people become so accustomed to dogs as pets that it can be forgotten that dogs still contain the animal instinct to bite when they feel attacked or threatened. Many believe that dogs have the ability to be trained to prevent bites and attacks. With this belief, it can be speculated that the result of the bite is therefore the fault of the human that trained the dog. Recently, a Wisconsin woman suffered a personal injury while going to the aide of an injured dog that was hit by a vehicle.

A woman witnessed the 30 pound dog get hit and possibly injured by a car. Concerned for the dog, she checked the dog’s tag and was bitten on her right hand. The bite broke through her skin, and she reported the incident to the authorities.

It was reported that the dog was on record as missing the day before the dog bite. Authorities stated the dog was found the day after the dog bite. The lady who was bitten was told by authorities that the dog received treatment for a hip injury from the car accident, and was up to date on all its vaccinations.

At times personal pets can cause serious damage and injury to their owners and others with whom they may come in contact. Animal bites, depending on the severity, can cause people to miss work while getting medical treatment. Loss of work for many may result in loss of income. An attorney in Wisconsin can give guidance to anyone who has received a personal injury from an animal bite about their options in seeking recovery of any monetary damages they have incurred.

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