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Police suspect drunk driving a factor in fatal car accident

The combination of drinking and driving is a risk not worth taking. Wisconsin motorists may face fines, loss of a driver’s license, possible jail time and other penalties. Unfortunately, the consequences of driving under the influence are often not limited to the intoxicated driver. Innocent people may suffer injuries or even death in a car accident caused by drunk driving.

Reports state that a 33-year-old man spent an hour at a local bar prior to making the fatal decision to get into his car and drive. Not only did he drive intoxicated, according to law enforcement authorities, but he drove the wrong way on an interstate. It appears he may also have been drinking beer while operating his vehicle. He has been charged in criminal court with 15 different felonies.

Sadly, his apparent reckless driving caused him to crash into two other vehicles. Four people died as a result. One car contained three business associates who were returning from a recruiting session at a Wisconsin University. A fourth victim was riding in a second car. 

The surviving family members of the four victims are not only struggling with their grief but also dealing with the financial stress that typically follows a loved one’s death. While trying to cope with their loss, bills for accident-related expenses and funeral costs add up quickly. Lost income of their loved one may also compound the financial stress. An experienced personal injury attorney can advise families of their litigation rights in civil court. If a civil court finds the driver negligent in causing the car accident, families may be able to recoup some of their financial losses.

Source: wqow.com, “Driver charged in crash that killed 4”, Dec. 30, 2016

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