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3 children suffer personal injury after dog attack

Dogs can be wonderful pets, and in most instances they are friendly to humans. Sadly, some dogs attack and are aggressive toward humans. Causes of attacks may be related to their training, owner mistreatment, fear or protection of their territory. Unfortunately if animals attack humans, serious injury can result. Personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin can inform animal bite victims of their legal rights and offer appropriate legal counsel.

Recently, in another state, three children were attacked by two dogs. Reportedly, as the three children were playing, one confined pit bull jumped a fence and apparently the other escaped through an opening in it. Each child suffered non-life threatening injuries and were treated by on-site paramedics. The parents declined further treatment and evaluation at a medical facility.

Authorities were called to the scene, but the dogs were not able to be contained. Due to their aggression toward the police, the dogs apparently had to be shot to be stopped. In the process, one dog was killed and the other was injured. The owner was found, and the surviving dog was returned.

Wisconsin law holds animal owners responsible for dog bites. Fortunately, the children did not suffer life-threatening injuries, but animal bites in many cases can be very damaging. Injuries can result in unexpected medical and therapy bills. A personal injury attorney can advise victims of their right to pursue compensation in a civil court. If the court formally establishes negligence of the dog owner, it may award monetary damages to victims for any bite-related expenses.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Baltimore Police Kills Dog After it Attacked 3 Children“, Feb. 25. 2017

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