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A car accident may be the result of negligent driving

Motorists who make the unfortunate choice to ignore Wisconsin traffic laws and regulations can potentially face consequences in criminal court. Victims may also choose to pursue monetary damages in civil court regardless of the outcome in criminal court. Recently, a 21-year-old man was formally charged in criminal court for alleged negligent driving that may have contributed to a car accident. If he is convicted of any of his criminal charges, it may aide in establishing negligence in a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Reportedly, the young man was driving to work early in the morning when he wrecked into another vehicle. Witnesses report seeing the young man cross into the opposite lane colliding with victim’s automobile. The 61-year-old victim was flown to a medical center for treatment of his injuries, but he died several days later.

Due to the young man’s injuries, initially authorities were not able to determine if intoxication may have factored into his negligent driving. Police suspected him of driving under the influence due the presence of his prescription pill bottles at the scene of the accident and his confession of consuming alcohol the night before. Any drug and alcohol tests that may have been performed have not been reported.

A conviction of his criminal charges from the car accident could cost the young man years in prison and as much as $100,000 in fines. In addition to his criminal charges, the family of the victim is entitled to file a wrongful death suit in civil court. A Wisconsin personal injury lawyer can guide the family through the process to potentially recover unexpected medical and burial expenses. Depending on the circumstances, the court may also consider emotional damages and compensation to cover any lost income of the deceased. 

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