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Tragic car accident leaves young boys without both parents

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is difficult to imagine, but losing two family members at the same time is even more devastating. Recently in Wisconsin, a married couple was involved in a tragic car accident and neither one survived. Evidence appears to suggest that the other driver’s negligence may have resulted in the crash. Family members are pleading with other motorists to slow down to avoid other tragic unnecessary loss of life.

The male driver whose vehicle collided with the married couple was allegedly speeding prior to the crash. Reports state that his vehicle became airborne after he apparently lost control of it. His vehicle then struck the couple’s car.

The husband did not survive to be transported for medical care. His wife’s injuries were treated for two weeks before she perished as well. The couple is survived by their parents and by two young sons.

It is unknown at this time if the driver will be charged in a Wisconsin criminal court for his alleged negligent driving and involvement in the car accident. Regardless if criminal charges are made, the estate of the married couple may file for a lawsuit in civil court. If negligence of the driver is formally established before a civil court, a monetary award may be given to the couple’s dependents. The court may factor medical and burial expenses of both parents when deciding appropriate compensation. Emotional damages for the lost companionship of both parents for the young boys may be considered as well, along with other financial losses recognized by applicable laws.

Source: channel3000.com, “U’Ren family wants drivers to learn lesson in tragedy after fatal crash“, Keely Arthur, March 1, 2017

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