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Family files medical malpractice lawsuit for boy’s broken arm

No Wisconsin parent wishes to receive a call that his or her child has been admitted to a medical facility with injuries. One family in another state received an unfortunate call regarding their child. The family learned that their son suffered a broken arm while under the care of a children’s psychiatric hospital. Due to the questionable circumstances surrounding the injury, they have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking $75,000 in damages.

The parents received a call regarding their 9-year-old son’s broken arm after he was admitted to a children’s hospital. According to experts, the fracture he suffered around his elbow can be common for children. The hospital reported to the parents that the fracture was a result of the boy jumping on a bed, followed by a fall on the arm.

The family does not believe the hospital’s version of the events that led to the fracture. They believe and have claimed in their lawsuit that the fracture resulted from a specific staff member twisting the boy’s arm as a form of discipline. The family claims that the type of fracture he suffered can be consistent with arm twisting.

The family is seeking damages to cover the boy’s medical expenses, the surgery he required, emotional suffering and their lost income while getting him treated. Based on the evidence presented in court, a civil court jury will determine if the hospital or staff member was negligent. If negligence is formally established, a monetary award may be granted to cover injury associated costs. Medical malpractice attorney’s in Wisconsin can advise families and patients who may have suffered from hospital negligence of their litigation rights.

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