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Officer kills Wisconsin woman in tragic pedestrian car accident

Many Wisconsin residents enjoy living in communities that promote a pedestrian lifestyle for many day-to-day activities. While walking is considered to be healthier than commuting in a motor vehicle, pedestrians may still be involved in a car accident as they cross roads in which vehicles travel. Not long ago, a 29-year-old woman lost her life after she was tragically hit by a motor vehicle.

According to the woman’s family members, she walked most places in her community due to her fear of driving. Reportedly, she was walking from her place of employment when the accident occurred. She was crossing a street when an officer from a nearby state crashed into her with his vehicle. Her injuries were severe, and she died within two days.

Official records indicate that authorities felt there was enough evidence for the driver to perform field sobriety tests, but the officer refused. Official blood tests to evaluate his blood alcohol level were drawn three hours after the accident, but at that time, tests indicated his level was below the legal limit. After a lengthy investigation, Wisconsin authorities did not file criminal charges against the man. Although the accident resulted in a suspended license and a record for the officer in Wisconsin, he apparently has no driving restrictions in his home state following the accident.

The family of the victim is understandably upset that formal criminal charges were not filed for the car accident. They believe the officer’s knowledge of the system aided his avoidance of consequences. Reports state that the officer no longer has restrictions on his license, has returned to full-time duty and is running for president of his local community board. Although the officer was not charged criminally, the woman’s family can rightfully seek guidance of personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin to discover their options for litigation in a civil court. If the court formally establishes negligence of the officer based on the evidence presented, it may offer the family a sense of justice.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Lake in the Hills cop who fatally struck woman in Wisconsin won’t face charges“, Grace Wong, March 29, 2017

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