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Reckless driving cited re fatal car accident in Wisconsin

On recent morning in Wisconsin, multiple lives were altered as a result of one woman’s alleged reckless driving. The unfortunate result of a car accident can injure and kill innocent people. Sadly, the apparently reckless driver was not only involved into two accidents, but she ran over a pedestrian and caused the woman’s death.

Reports state that the 28-year-old driver was involved in her first accident in an intersection. Instead of stopping and remaining at the scene of the accident, she fled. Investigation of the first accident is still underway, and the other driver’s condition is unknown at this time.

As a result her fleeing the scene, she was involved in a second accident at a second intersection. After striking a vehicle, she ran over and trapped a 58-year-old pedestrian underneath her Ford Explorer. Witnesses of the accident reported horrifying details that the pedestrian was alive and aware of her injuries as she awaited rescue. Although she was transferred to a nearby facility, she did not survive. The driver was arrested for her involvement, and the results of the investigation are pending.

The condition of the other drivers in both accidents are unknown, but they likely suffered some injuries and expensive property damage to their vehicles. The pedestrian’s family surely is overwhelmed with grief as they process the loss of their loved one. As the victims and surviving family members of the pedestrian deal with the financial aftermath that follows a car accident, they may each benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney in Wisconsin about available options. Attorneys can advise victims of their litigation rights, and help them pursue appropriate monetary redress. 

Source: cbs58.com, “Woman Dies after Pedestrian and Vehicle Crash“, April 6, 2017

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