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Distracted driving accident investigation finds drugs in vehcile

Recently, a Wisconsin teenager was killed in a tragic accident. What initially appeared to be a distracted driving accident, has turned into a more complicated case. In addition to charges of the victim’s homicide, a driver has been charged with multiple felonies related to illegal drugs apparently discovered in her vehicle. 

Witnesses say that the 22-year-old was using both hands to navigate her cell phone as she operated her vehicle. Reportedly, her vehicle drifted into the lane next to her and almost struck the teenage driver’s vehicle. In attempts to avoid a car collision, the teenager swerved her own car, resulting in a crash and her death. 

The accused driver was said to be driving without a license. The drugs discovered were identified as marijuana, narcotics and something that appeared to be methamphetamine. Although they were found on her person, she denied any recent drug use. A warrant was obtained regarding her Facebook account, where she apparently admitted in a post that she cut off the teenager, though she also blamed the teenage victim for not paying attention.

The driver now faces serious charges in criminal court for the distracted driving accident, and the deceased victim’s family may also commence a wrongful death claim against her. When an accident appears to have resulted as another driver’s negligence, victims — or surviving family members of deceased victims — have the right to pursue claims for compensation in civil court to help cover unexpected medical expenses, funeral expenses of deceased victims and other documented damages. Experienced personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin can advise victims in similar accidents of their rights and options to pursue monetary relief in civil court. 

Source: twincities.com, “Minnesota woman charged in crash that killed western Wisconsin teen“, Mike Longaecker, June 3, 2017

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