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Teens have increased risk for distracted driving accident

For most Wisconsin teenagers, learning to drive and obtaining a driver’s license is a major milestone. Unfortunately, according to research, driving during the teenage years can be dangerous. Research indicates that teenagers have an increased risk of being involved in a fatal distracted driving accident in their first year of driving.

The American Automobile Association recently collected data of accidents occurring across the country from 2014 and 2015. The number of 16 and 17-year-old teenagers killed in a motor vehicle accident increased by 13.1 percent. Wisconsin’s percentage was 1 percent higher than the national average. Sadly, research shows that the number of fatal accidents for the following year was even higher. 

Research analysts attribute many of the accidents to distracted driving and technology use. Technology has improved over the years, resulting in more ways for any driver to be distracted while operating a vehicle. Data has indicated that the majority of crashes involving teenage drivers resulted from a distraction due to their cell phones. To combat the increase of teen crashes, recommendations have been made to institute a graduated license program. Wisconsin already has one restriction in place for teen drivers; they are limited on the number of passengers and what age passengers they are allowed to transport.

Unfortunately, when teenagers drive, they are not the only ones at risk at being involved in a distracted driving accident. Because they share the road with other drivers, they increase the risk for other drivers to be involved in an accident when they operate a vehicle while distracted. Car accidents can result in unexpected injury, medical expenses, and end-of life expenses for families of deceased victims. Anyone involved in an unexpected crash could benefit from speaking with a personal injury attorney on how to handle such an unfortunate situation. Attorneys can advise victims with how file insurance claims or, when appropriate, how to pursue monetary relief from those parties believed responsible.

Source: wpr.org, “Fatal Teen Driver Crashes Increase Across US, Wisconsin“, Ross Terrell, June 5, 2017

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