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Wisconsin woman hits house after car accident

Although Wisconsin law requires vehicle owners to pay for liability insurance, many drivers do not adhere to the law. Having a car accident with an uninsured motorist surely intensifies the headache of dealing with the aftermath of a collision. Fortunately, it may be possible to file a claim against your own insurance to cover related accident expenses, and personal injury attorneys can guide victims through the process. Recently, an alleged negligent driver collided with another car, sending it off the road almost crashing into a house. 

The accident occurred at night at the junction of an intersection. Reportedly, a 19-year-old female driving a sedan had the right of way to proceed through the intersection where the accident occurred. The other assumed negligent 27-year-old driver did not yield to the woman, resulting in the collision.

The collision resulted in the woman driving off the road. She reportedly crashed through a fence and stopped against a house. The other driver had a passenger in his vehicle and both suffered minor injuries. The woman whose vehicle struck the house also suffered minor non-life threatening injuries. The initial investigation revealed that the alleged negligent driver was driving without a driver’s license.

Fortunately, all parties involved in this car accident were not seriously injured. Although injuries were minor, even minor injuries can result in expensive unplanned medical expenses. If negligent drivers are discovered to be uninsured, it can further complicate attempts to recoup compensation for expenses. Wisconsin personal injury attorneys can inform victims of all their options to seek compensation. Attorneys can help victims pursue all sources of liability in order to receive their rightful compensation. 

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