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Personal injury: Hit-and-run fractures hip of security guard

An employee of a JC Penney store in Wisconsin is reportedly facing criminal charges after she admitted to running down one of the company’s security guards. According to Wauwatosa police, the incident occurred late in the evening on Sunday, July 2 in the parking lot of the store. After an emergency call, police rushed to the scene to find a man who had suffered personal injury in a hit-and-run accident.

The injured security guard said he tried to stop an employee of the store, who had been using the traffic lane that is reserved for semi-trucks several times — speeding on every occasion. This time, he stepped into the road to stop the driver. He claims she stopped, and he told her not to use that lane and to drive at a lower speed in the parking lot. He said he expected her to back up; instead, she accelerated forward and smashed into him.

The impact apparently caused the security guard to land on the hood of the car before rolling off. The driver sped away, and the injured man laid there until he could attract the attention of a truck driver. He was taken to a hospital, where it was determined that his hip was fractured, and it had to be replaced in a surgical procedure.

Any Wisconsin person who is injured while on duty may pursue workers’ compensation benefits. However, in a case such as this one in which a third party is deemed responsible for negligent driving, the victim can also file a personal injury claim in a Wisconsin civil court. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide guidance throughout the legal procedures of the lawsuit.

Source: Wauwatosa, WI Patch, “JC Penney’s Employee Drove Over Security Guard: Police“, Scott Anderson, July 14, 2017

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