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Teenager wrongly suffers personal injury from police dog

Specially trained dogs are used by law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin and across the country. Their sense of smell and hearing capabilities are more sensitive than humans, making them an asset in many investigations. Although they are trained to follow commands, their natural animal instincts are still present, and they may occasionally react unpredictably. Recently, a teenage boy was bitten by a police dog that was originally in pursuit of a running suspect. His family has enlisted the aid of a personal injury attorney to ensure the boy’s medical expenses are paid by the department. 

Police officers were in pursuit of a possible carjacker when the incident occurred. They were chasing the suspect through an apartment complex when the officer decided to release his police dog. According to reports, the suspect had been warned that the dog would be ordered to bite if he did not stop running.

Police officers reported that they did not see any bystanders prior to releasing the dog, but the dog spotted the 14-year-old victim. The dog chased and bit the boy instead of the suspect. When interviewed through an interpreter, the family decided not to press charges and were assured by authorities that the boy’s medical expenses would be paid for by the department. The family’s attorney stated that the lawsuit against the city seeking $200,000 in damages, including $2,676 for the boy’s medical expenses, is to ensure that the city follows through with payment.

A personal injury from a dog bite can be damaging physically and emotionally, and severe bites can be crippling and deforming. Medical expenses for treatment can add up quickly, creating unexpected financial stress for families. Wisconsin attorneys with animal bite case experience can aide victims to file a claim in civil court against animal owners deemed responsible. 

Source: azcentral.com, “How often does that happen? Glendale police dog bites teen bystander“, Perry Vandell, July 1, 2017

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