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Are you a victim of a distracted driving accident?

Although car accidents are not the only cause of spinal cord injuries in Wisconsin, a significant number of them follow wrecks. What is concerning is the fact that national statistics show that crashes caused one in every three spinal cord injuries. More and more often, a victim of spinal cord injuries will say his or her condition resulted from a distracted driving accident.

Analysis of road accidents revealed that the risk of being involved in an accident while texting on a mobile device is 23 times higher than when a driver is not distracted. It is also interesting to note that even talking on a cell phone while using a headset or other hands-free device does not reduce the risk of crashing substantially. The fact remains that anything that takes a driver’s attention off the road creates a crash risk.

Almost every driver will admit to sometimes reading or sending a quick text at a red light. However, it is the drivers who are younger than 20 who make up the highest portion of fatalities that resulted from distracted driving. It is tragic to see a young adult wheelchair bound for life because somebody else could not resist sending a text message.

Any Wisconsin person who is suffering the consequences of a distracted driving accident that was caused by another driver can pursue financial relief. There may be life-long expenses related to personal care, rehabilitation, medical bills and more with which a victim will have to cope, exacerbated by the fact that he or she may not be able to find gainful employment after suffering a spinal cord injury. An experienced personal injury attorney can help with the navigation of a civil law suit.

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