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Car accident: SUV vs. combine claims 3 lives in Wisconsin

In the Southeastern Wisconsin town of Lake Mills, authorities are working on piecing together the circumstances that led to a fatal crash. According to a preliminary car accident report, the collision occurred on a recent Friday evening. The investigation is ongoing, and at this time, investigators may have more questions than answers.

Not many details were made available, except that the crash involved a farm combine and a sports utility vehicle. Reportedly, three people lost their lives in the accident. No mention was made of the ages of the deceased or whether there were any survivors.

There is no indication whether alcohol, drugs or excessive speed might have been involved in this crash. However, the sheer size and weight of a combine harvester increase the chances of severe injuries or death, regardless of how the accident happened. The primary issue here might be to determine who was at fault and, therefore, responsible for the deaths of three people.

When lives are lost in a car accident, the surviving family members may pursue financial relief through the civil justice system in Wisconsin. However, for such action to succeed, they will have to establish negligence on the part of another person. In this case, it could be the operator of the combine who could be named the defendant, or it could be the driver of the SUV. If the person deemed at fault died, wrongful death claims could be filed against his or her estate in a Wisconsin civil court. The help of an experienced family law attorney may provide the necessary support and guidance to ease the navigation of such lawsuits.

Source: wsaw.com, “3 die in crash between SUV, farm combine in SE Wisconsin“, Nov. 5, 2017

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