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Personal injury lawsuit may follow dog attack

Most Wisconsin residents who have dogs see them as loyal and playful companions. However, all animals have wild sides, and all they have teeth with which to defend themselves when they feel threatened. While dog bites are painful, they can also be deadly. Dog owners are responsible for their dogs, and if anybody is bitten, the owners may face personal injury lawsuits.

Knowing the warning signs of mounting aggression in a dog might help to avoid an attack. Fear is the primary cause of dog attacks, and if it has a choice between fight or flight, most dogs will choose to fight. Many dogs develop possessiveness, and the subject of their obsession can be a favorite toy, its owner, a child in the household and also its food and puppies. They will growl to warn anybody who comes too close to their favorite objects. That is the time to back off.

Some people allow their dog to become the dominant party in the household, and this could create serious problems. It is more common for one dog to demand dominance over another dog, but if humans allow it, the dog will believe it is the leader of the household, which it will see as its pack. This is when a dog will snap at its human family — often with devastating consequences. Proper training and lots of patience may resolve this issue.

A dog that is pestered by a child or someone else until it reaches the end of its patience can resort to attacking to end the pestering. For this reason, it is essential to teach children from a young age how to behave in the presence of dogs. However, any Wisconsin resident or his or her loved one who is attacked by a dog without any provocation may have grounds to file a civil lawsuit. An experienced personal injury attorney can help with the navigation of a lawsuit to recover financial and other damages.

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