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Personal injury: Teach children about the dangers of dog bites

Authorities say between four and five million people suffer dog bites nationwide every year, and approximately one in five bites develop infections. Wisconsin residents who have pet dogs must comply with regulations to prevent their dogs from attacking other people. If such an incident occurs, the victim may file a personal injury lawsuit against the dog owner.

Even dogs who are known to be placid have unexpectedly attacked people for unknown reasons. However, if such incidents are analyzed, it is often found that something happened to scare the dog or make it feel threatened. The reaction of the dog could cause severe injuries that may result in pain, nerve damage and infections that could lead to serious illness or death.

There are ways to prevent dog bites, and while everybody should take care, parents must teach their children how not to deal with dogs. An unfamiliar dog should never be approached, and rather than running away from it, it is safer to stand as still as possible. Many things can appear threatening to dogs. Avoid making loud noises, and never pet a dog before it has had the opportunity to sniff the person first. Keep in mind that a sleeping dog must not be disturbed, and it will naturally be protective of its food and puppies.

The most crucial rule might be never to allow children and dogs to interact unsupervised. However, unanticipated dog bites do occur. It is suggested that a victim of a dog attack or the parents of a child who was bitten must first get the necessary medical care and then consider possible recovery of damages. An experienced personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances and explain the dog bite laws in Wisconsin. If there are grounds for a civil claim, the lawyer can provide the required support and guidance through the ensuing legal process of pursuing a monetary award to cover medical expenses and other damages sustained.

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