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Car accidents on icy roads may lead to personal injury lawsuits

In Wisconsin, the number of car accidents after the first snow typically shows a significant increase. The same likely applies to the number of personal injury lawsuits that follow due to drivers’ negligence or failure to adjust their driving techniques to suit the more hazardous conditions. Drivers forget that slow acceleration and deceleration is essential on icy roads to avoid skids. Pulling off in a hurry or trying to stop suddenly could have devastating consequences.

It may be wise to allow extra time to reach any destination because of slower traveling speeds. Due to the danger of coming to a sudden halt, authorities also encourage drivers to increase their following distances to give them ample time to stop without rear-ending the vehicles ahead of them. Furthermore, they say drivers should avoid applying too much pressure on their brakes.

Negotiating hills also requires particular attention. Applying excessive gas when going up a hill can cause the vehicle’s wheels to spin. Building up extra speed upon the approach may help to get to the top of the hill without additional acceleration. Drivers are also advised not to stop while going up a hill because it might be difficult to start up again if the road is covered in ice and snow. Once the crest of the hill is reached, going down on the other side must be done at low speed to prevent skidding and losing control.

The problem is that one negligent or reckless driver can endanger the lives of countless others on the road. Any victim of an accident that is caused by such negligence may pursue financial relief through a personal injury lawsuit filed in a Wisconsin civil court. Proving negligence may be challenging, and for that reason, many injured victims secure the support and guidance of experienced legal counsel to seek recovery of financial and emotional damages.

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