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Personal injury: Attack by familiar dogs kills 8-year-old

Wisconsin residents who have threatening dogs in their neighborhoods may be wise to report it to authorities and make sure action is taken before a tragedy happens. Many personal injury lawsuits are filed in civil courts after dog attacks, and in many cases, the victims are familiar with the dogs that attack them. A child in another state was recently killed by dogs with which he often played.

A report by the sheriff’s office indicates that an 8-year-old boy and his friend were attacked by the dogs while they walked outside. Reportedly, the attack on the boy was fatal while his friend suffered a bite to his leg. It was reported that the deceased child’s mother was the caretaker of the dogs, and the child was frequently in their company.

A neighbor said the dogs were a known menace and threat in the neighborhood, and both he and another neighbor had made frequent complaints to authorities about them. The man claims to carry a stick or firearm as protection against the animals whenever he goes outside. He further claims that even after repeated complaints, neither the sheriff’s office nor animal control really did anything to address the issue.

When a dog in Wisconsin attacks a person or his or her child, there may be grounds for filing a premises liability or personal injury claim against the owner of the animal. The pet owner may be liable for injuries caused by the animal, except if the victim was trespassing or tormenting, abusing or teasing the dog. To get answers to questions about the navigation of such a lawsuit, or to assess viability, a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney may be the appropriate step to take.

Source: wyff4.com, “Deadly dog attack in Gaffney could have been prevented, neighbor says“, Madeleine Hackett, Dec. 5, 2017

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