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Medical malpractice may be curtailed in Wisconsin by Julie’s Law

One of the problems encountered when surgical procedures do not go as planned is the fact that the patient is anesthetized and not witness to what takes place. Medical malpractice claims require proof of negligence and the failure to maintain specific standards. However, this is a challenging prospect for victims or remaining family members of those that do not survive surgeries. There are those in Wisconsin who believe that cameras in operating rooms may prevent medical malpractice.

“Julie’s Law” is a proposed bill calling for the installation of cameras to monitor surgical procedures in hospitals. Advocates for such measures contend that pilots have black boxes that record their conversations and activities, and law enforcement have body cams and dash cams to monitor their actions. They say that surgical procedures are potentially deadly procedures that should be recorded with audio and video surveillance equipment.

It is not surprising that medical professionals are against such measures, claiming it would hamper their abilities to perform their tasks properly. Several Wisconsin State Representatives support the bill that was introduced. They say it could bring about drastic changes in hospitals in the state. If this law is passed, other states may follow, as Wisconsin would be the first state with such measures to curtail medical malpractice in this manner.

Wisconsin residents who are the victims of medical malpractice may pursue recovery of damages through the civil justice system. An attorney who is experienced in this complicated field of the law can help with gathering evidence and establishing negligence or failure to uphold accepted medical standards. A successful claim may result in a monetary judgment to cover financial and emotional damages.

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