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Car accident: Many Wisconsin drivers are older than 65 and safe

A national transportation research group recently expressed concern over the number of drivers older than 65 years who are involved in crashes in Wisconsin. According to a study, there are fewer older drivers in Wisconsin compared to the rest of the country; however, the fatality rate is significantly higher than most other states. The researchers noted that this does not necessarily indicate that older drivers are bad drivers, but frailty can make the victim of a car accident more likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries.

Many people between 65 and 70 years old remain active in their communities, and they should not be discouraged to stay mobile. The safety director for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation says most older drivers comply with seat belt rules, and they avoid speeding and drunk driving. However, he underscores the importance of recognizing the signs of deteriorating eyesight, reaction times, muscle dexterity and compromised health. Medication can also affect a driver’s alertness behind the wheel.

The research group pointed out that the age group responsible for most fatalities is those under 25 years. They make up 17 percent of traffic deaths, while the over-65 age group is responsible for only one percent of road fatalities. Authorities say older drivers must make sure they drive vehicles that suit their capabilities, and the future of self-drive cars might be ideal for older drivers.

The bottom line is that older drivers are not to be branded as dangerous, and they can be victims of other drivers’ negligence as well. Anyone who has to deal with the consequences of such a car accident can pursue financial relief through the Wisconsin civil justice system. An experienced personal injury attorney can help with establishing negligence and presenting the claim for recovery of economic and non-economic damages to the court.

Source: superiortelegram.com, “A quarter of fatal crashes in state involve elderly drivers“, Shamane Mills, March 16, 2018

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