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Pedestrian seriously injured in hit-and-run accident

With the holiday season in full swing in Wisconsin and other states across the nation, it is expected that the roadways will be filled with motorists attending holiday events, gatherings and parties. Whether a driver is leaving an office party, on their way to a holiday event or just left the bar, he or she is likely driving in the dark. Traveling during the nighttime hours increases the risks of accidents, as motorists could be intoxicated and it could be more difficult to see objects or people on or near the roadway. While a motorist should always remain attentive no matter the time of day or night he or she is driving, a negligent, reckless or drunk driver could suddenly collide with a pedestrian.

This is what recently occurred in Madison. Based on preliminary reports, authorities reported that a woman was involved in a serious hit-and-run pedestrian crash. The incident took place at the intersection of East Johnson Street and Wisconsin Avenue, occurring just after 3 a.m.

Upon arriving at the scene of the crash, officers noted that the woman was found in the roadway with no vehicle remaining at the site. Additionally, police were unable to locate any witnesses that saw the event. Based on evidence collected at the scene, it was determined that the incident was a hit-and-run collision involving a pedestrian. Authorities believe it was a white four-door sedan that struck the woman. The struck woman was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Her current status is unknown at this time.

A hit-and-run accident causes a victim to have many questions. This often includes why did this happen and who did this; however, many question if there is anything they can do. It is possible to file a personal injury action. While the investigation process will take longer, as authorities need to locate the driver responsible, a victim could file this action against a liable driver as a means to recover compensation for losses and damages suffered in the crash.

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