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What are the different types of product defects?

Residents in Wisconsin and elsewhere rely on consumer goods on a daily basis. Whether it is a motor vehicle, technology, a tool or a household item, many of these items make life easier and more efficient. While a consumer views these items as good and positive, they can create problems and detriments for some consumers. In the event that a product is defective or becomes dangerous, a consumer could suffer serious harm or even death.

What are the different types of product defects? There are three major types of product defects. The first is design defects. This occurs when there are defects in the actual design of the product. This compromises the normal use of the product. While this might mean that it breaks or doesn’t work properly, it could also mean that it is dangerous and could cause serious injury.

The next is manufacturing defects. This occurs in the manufacturing process and is likely not related to the design of the product; however, more than one type of defect could impact a product. When there is an issue with the manufacturing process, a defective product could result, causing the product to malfunction and cause harms. Lastly, there could be a defect in the warnings for a product. If a written warning is inadequate or does not exist, this could result in harm because the consumer is not aware of proper use or potential harms.

No matter the type of defect that has harmed a consumer, it is important to fully understand the matter. This not only means having the matter investigated but also exploring the legal recourses available for a personal injury. A products liability action could help hold a liable party accountable, while also assisting with the recovery of compensation for losses suffered.

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