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Motor vehicle accident victims can suffer very diverse injuries

When a Wisconsin resident is involved in a minor motor vehicle accident, they may be frustrated by the damage their car has sustained and the inconvenience they will have to endure in order to have it repaired. However, when more serious accidents occur, damages can extend far beyond body damage to vehicles. Victims of catastrophic motor vehicle collisions can suffer significant trauma to many different parts of their bodies.

One of the most serious injuries that a person may suffer in a collision is brain trauma. Brain injuries can occur when a victim hits their head on a surface in their vehicles, when they are thrown from their vehicles and hit their heads on outside objects, and when they suffer penetration injuries to their brains. Brain injuries can range from minor concussions to permanent and irreversible damage that affects a victim’s capacity to live on their own and care for themselves.

Another common form of vehicle accident injury is a neck or back injury. Whiplash is often associated with rear-end vehicle collisions because these forms of impacts can force a victim’s head back and forth, causing trauma to the neck. Back injuries can result in pain and even immobilization if the spinal cord is affected.

Other serious injuries that car accident victims can suffer are bruises and abrasions, broken bones, organ damage, and burns. In the wake of a motor vehicle accident it is important that a victim seeks medical assistance to ensure that they are not suffering from a life-threatening or critical form of harm. If negligence caused the injurious accident in question, then their personal injury attorney can help them seek the compensation they deserve once they are ready to move forward with litigation.

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