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4 killed, 1 suffers critical injuries in crash that leads to 54-year sentence

It’s horrifying to think that any driver wouldn’t be paying attention and could cause a serious collision. Unfortunately, deadly crashes do happen. Take, for example, this case out of Wisconsin in which a man drove his vehicle through a Girl Scout troop. The incident led to four people passing away.

The man, 23, drove his pickup truck through the group of girls as they picked up trash along the side of a road. While he was driving on the highway, he crossed lanes and went into the ditch where the girls were volunteering.

The incident led to the deaths of three children and one of their mothers. Another child, 10, was critically injured. It’s important to point out that the children were wearing highly visible vests for safety and were not actually on the roadway at all.

The man and his passenger fled the scene after the initial collision, but the driver later turned himself in. They both admitted that they had been “huffing” chemicals prior to the crash.

The man in this story has been sentenced to 54 years in prison for the deaths and injuries to the troop members.

Crashes like this one are unfathomable. Unfortunately, the truth is that it takes only moments for a driver to make a mistake that can lead to serious injuries or deaths. Driving into a group of volunteers or pedestrians is just one kind of situation that can happen if a driver is distracted, intoxicated or impaired.

If you lose a loved one or are hurt in a situation like this, you do have the right to look into your legal options. Reckless drivers should be held responsible for their actions.

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