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You can be a safe driver and still get injured

It’s wise to do all that you can to be a safe driver. This generally means becoming a defensive driver, actively attempting to keep yourself safe and following all traffic laws. Just don’t put too much stock in your own abilities. You can still get injured in an accident.

Have you ever wondered why people are far more afraid to fly, in many cases, than they are to drive? The total deaths are not even remotely close. It is vastly safer to fly. But many people rarely express any fear of driving and yet refuse to even get on a plane because it feels so dangerous.

The reason is often that we trust our own abilities, and we want to be in control. If you get on a plane, you are letting the pilot take control. If they make a mistake and crash, it’s your life on the line. That’s frightening. In the car, we feel like we are fully in control, and we trust ourselves to stay safe.

That’s why you can look at the statistics and still feel safer in the car. Yes, between 35,000 and 40,000 people die in traffic accidents, but you think you’re a good enough driver to avoid joining that statistic. Those are accidents that happen to other people.

The fallacy here is that you are not the only one in control of your safety while you drive. Others who dictate how safe you are include a teenager sending a text message while driving to school, an intoxicated driver trying to get home from the bar and a drowsy driver who has been on the road for 24 hours. You can be safe yourself and still get hit by one of these drivers, and that’s when you need to know your legal options.

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