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What does road rage look like?

Road rage remains a major problem in the United States, with this contributing to thousands of accidents, injuries and deaths over the years. No matter who you are or where you’re driving, there’s always a chance that you could come across someone who is in a bad mood. As a result, a road rage incident could ensue, putting your safety at risk.

Spotting these red flags early on and reacting quickly can make all the difference.

1. Cursing and inappropriate gestures

While this sort of behavior may not seem threatening in itself, it can quickly lead to more hostile behavior. Do not take this behavior lightly. Try to change lanes and let the driver pass.

2. Throwing objects

A driver who opens their window to throw an object, such as a soda can, at your vehicle, indicates that the person is not in control of their emotions or focussed on driving safely. This is a major red flag that should signal to safe drivers that it’s time to take a different route to avoid confrontation.

3. Forcing you off the road

For instance, if an aggressive driver is in the lane next to you, they may attempt to move into your lane to force you onto the shoulder of the road (or worse). This is one of the most dangerous forms of road rage, as it increases the risk of an accident, serious injury and even death.

4. Purposely causing an accident

This sounds extreme, and it is. However, it’s something that aggressive drivers will consider when they’re not thinking straight. This takes on many forms, such as hitting you from behind or banging into the side of your vehicle to knock you off the road.

Even if you know what road rage looks like, you have no control over other drivers. They can act as aggressively as they want, leaving you to deal with it.

Should a road rage incident result in a motor vehicle accident, pull to safety and stay in your vehicle. You never want to confront the aggressive driver (if they stick around the scene). Assess yourself for injuries, call 911 and receive immediate medical treatment. From there, you can consider your options for holding the aggressive driver responsible for your damages.

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