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Distracted driving: Texting, children and cell phones all your increase risk

Distracted driving is still among the most serious issues drivers deal with on the road. Distracting driving includes any behavior that a driver engages in that takes their mind off what they’re doing. 

Distracted driving has been around long before cell phones, but today, cell phone use is among the most common cause of distractions behind the wheel. They don’t just cause problems when they’re being used, either. Did you know that the brain takes around 13 seconds to refocus after using a cell phone? That’s 13 seconds that a driver isn’t as focused as they should be. 

Distractions take lives every day

Around nine people die each day as a result of distracted driving. Over 1,000 people are injured daily in these crashes as well. 

And distractions can cause accidents incredibly quickly. Once a driver is distracted, it takes only three seconds for a crash to occur. Why? In those three seconds, they travel far enough that they may miss significant hazards in the roadway. 

Who is most likely to be distracted behind the wheel?

Interestingly, parents are the most likely people to be distracted behind the wheel, at least while their children are young. Parents without small children are around 74% more likely to be distracted than people without children, and parents with small children are around 84% more likely to be distracted than those without. 

Texting while driving is the cause of around one in four crashes in America. If you are going to be in your vehicle, make sure that texting and other distractions aren’t going to affect you.

Unfortunately, you can do everything right when you’re behind the wheel and still end up in a wreck with another driver that isn’t so diligent. If a driver is distracted and strikes your vehicle, then you may have the right to seek compensation for your losses. An advocate can help you understand your options and protect your interests.

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