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Injuries can sometimes show up days after your car crash

Sometimes, people walk away from a car crash thinking everything is fine only to find out later that they are seriously injured. While major injuries are often obvious after a crash, some signs of an injury may not immediately present themselves.

Most people will notice a broken leg, for example, right away. However, there are many types of injuries that may show no symptoms at the crash scene, only to produce intense pain or other concerning health issues a few days later. What kind of injuries may not be evident immediately after a car accident?

Delayed symptom development is common for several kinds of injuries

Your body and brain have chemical systems to help get you out of danger. Your danger response will include flooding your body with energy-increasing and pain-masking hormones in a moment of panic.

After a crash, you may feel perfectly fine. However, the next day, you may notice increasing pain in your neck and shoulders. Soft tissue injuries to the neck and back may not prevent obvious symptoms right after the crash. The same might be true for internal bleeding caused by safety restraints or striking parts of the vehicle during the collision. Even brain injuries have a tendency to produce delayed symptoms.

While you may feel fine right after a crash, it may be smart for you to go see a doctor instead of heading home or on to your job. A physical exam could resultant in a faster diagnosis of hidden injuries and give you a better prognosis, as well as a better chance of securing compensation through an insurance claim.


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