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Choosing the right car seat for your child

When parents prepare for their first child, there’s a lot to do. You have to settle on a nursery, you have to make sure you have enough diapers, and you have to get your car ready. However, getting your car ready is about more than putting in the car seat. It’s about putting in the right car seat.

What is the right car seat?

Choosing the right car seat depends on what you want to get out of the car seat. If you want to let your child sleep in a seat while transferring them between a car and a carriage, you might choose one style. If you want to travel more and expect to move between vehicles frequently, you may select another style.

The NHSTA has guidelines for safety that all car seat manufacturers must follow, but there are also guidelines that you may find surprising, such as:

  • In Wisconsin, your child must be in the back seat for four years.
  • Your child must be in a rear-facing seat until they reach one or weigh more than 20 lbs.
  • The recommendation is that children stay in the back seat until they turn twelve.

Keeping children safe in a car is a vital task for new parents. There are many tips, many products, and many methods. Ultimately, what you choose must make sense for you and your family.

Installation may make the most difference.

However, no matter the style of the car seat, the most critical factor in your child’s safety is how securely you attach the seat. If you have any questions about how well you’ve installed your seat, there are many resources to consult – often, local fire departments can check yours. Properly installing your child’s car seat may be much harder than expected. But it will be worth it.

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