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5 tips to protect yourself against road rage

The roads can be dangerous. Even if you’re following the rules that you’re supposed to, it’s possible that others could have road rage and put you in danger.

Put basically, road rage occurs when a person is driving in a hostile or aggressive manner. They might have been set off because of another person slowing them down or because they were late. Unfortunately, these people may act on their rage and cause deadly consequences.

How can you protect yourself against people with road rage?

It is possible to protect yourself against people who are struggling with road rage. You should:

  1. Always remain alert to your surroundings
  2. Move over if someone is riding your tail or if you have a different lane that you can move into
  3. Slowly reduce your speed over time, so you can safely turn or maneuver out of the way
  4. Keep driving at a steady pace, so they can pass when it’s safe to do so
  5. Call 911 if the driver is becoming aggressive

If you also suffer from road rage, there are some things you can do to help yourself. For instance, you may leave 10 or 15 minutes sooner than you need to, so you don’t have to feel hurried or rushed. You could put on music at a slower tempo, which helps reduce stress and keep the drive mellow.

You might also bring items with you to make yourself more comfortable. For example, you could bring a bottle of water with you in case you get stuck in traffic. Additionally, making sure your air conditioning or heat works properly helps your vehicle stay temperature controlled even when the outside weather isn’t good.

Road rage can have devastating consequences for victims of collisions

Road rage has the potential to lead to serious injuries and death if a driver causes a collision. If you’re a victim of a road-rage-related collision, you have the right to look into seeking compensation. With the right support, it may be possible to get coverage for your medical expenses and other financial losses caused by the collision.

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