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How to look closely at car crash data in Wisconsin

Looking at car crashes and fatalities statistics can give you an abstract view of the safety of Wisconsin’s roads. However, seeing the data laid out on a map offers a significant perspective. In looking at Channel 3000’s traffic incident map, you can draw certain conclusions about crashes in the state, such as:

Heavy accidents in major cities

As we’ve discussed before, higher-density areas tend to lead to more frequent accidents, and you can easily see how dense the accidents are in Milwaukee. However, the entire state has had over 7000 accidents since the group began collecting data.

What data is available on the map?

The map offers many customizable options to view traffic crash data. You can modify things to look at crashes:

  • By county: each county can become its filter allowing you to search only your area.
  • By the severity of injury: Channel 3000 has organized the data by fatality and the suspected serious or suspected minor injury. Data on injury severity is not public, so it is only estimated.
  • By complications: Many types of crash complications include motorcycle, pedestrian, and distracted driving involvement. If you want to know how often a type of accident has happened, you can look here.
  • By year: The data compiled allows you to search each year, including this one, back to 2001. Although, the further back you go, the fewer “filters’ you can review.

With this tool, we have access to an incredible amount of information on crashes in the state.

How “good” is this data?

This data is provided by an organization called Community Maps, and compiles data from all reported motor vehicle accidents from 2010 onward. It also includes data on only fatal crashes since 2001. While all data can have flaws, using police reports as a basis for such information is a strong way to compile such information.

Understanding the complexity of the accidents in Wisconsin is one way to keep you and your family safe.

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