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Safely navigating the cold whether while driving

Driving during the winter months in Wisconsin is often challenging. Snow and ice make it difficult to make it to your destination on time. Add in the fact that your safety is largely dependent on how other drivers drive and you may realize just how dangerous things are.

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can increase your chance of completing your trip safely if you follow these tips.

Plan travel for daylight hours

Driving when it’s daylight gives you the chance to see if there are obstacles in your path. While it’s hard to spot, you might even be able to see black ice so you can try to avoid it.

Take your time and remain cautious

Never try to rush when the roads are snowy or icy. Plan your route ahead of time and leave yourself extra time to make it where you need to go. This reduces the chance of you trying to speed or tailgate other vehicles.

Avoid using cruise control

Cruise control isn’t your friend when the roads are treacherous. Trying to keep the vehicle at a constant speed on icy or snowy roads can lead to the tires spinning at different speeds, which can lead to a crash. Additionally, sudden quick acceleration or braking to maintain that speed can be dangerous.

Crashes during the winter can result in very serious injuries. Anyone who’s facing catastrophic injuries should get medical care right away. This can be costly, so the victim may choose to seek compensation to help offset those expenses. This must be done quickly in Wisconsin because state law limits how long you have to get the case filed after the crash.


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