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Spring means easier driving… doesn’t it?

While the ice and snow are very much a possibility across Wisconsin, we’ve officially moved out of winter. The days are getting longer and warmer; the roads start to clear. It’ll soon be a much less treacherous time to drive. Except, this also means there will be new things to consider.

The driving hazards of spring

Most could consider the thought of a spring driving hazard laughable because greater light and less snow make for easier driving. It also can mean such that you have to deal with:

  • Sun blindness: Often now, most commonly during the commuting hours, the sun ends up in extremely inconvenient places, making it hard to see.
  • Bikes on the road: For winter, most bicycles and motorcycles are stored. Once it gets even the slightest bit warm, the two-wheeled vehicles return to the road.
  • New drivers: Most parents try to keep their teens from taking the car out in bad driving conditions. But, now it’s much safer – so the people with the least experience will return to the road.
  • Construction: A winter is hard on the roads, and no time is it more apparent than after the thaw. The rough conditions will make it harder to control the car. The coming construction will have its own challenges.

It will be challenging to prepare solely for these new problems on the road. You may take some time to adjust; it may not be a problem for you as a driver. However, the stakes are very different if you’re taking your bike out for the first time since the fall.

How to prepare?

The reality is this: with “easier” driving conditions, you will see much more congestion. You will have to be aware of more things. Your concentration will be divided – and that can be dangerous.


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