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5 kinds of drivers that commonly cause accidents

Some drivers are more likely to cause accidents than others. Some of these drivers violate traffic laws, while others may cause accidents because of simple mistakes.

Here are the different kinds of drivers you may experience on the road:

1. Teen drivers

People, typically, first learn to drive in their teens. Teens don’t have a driver’s license but they do have a learner’s permit. While teens are learning to drive, they aren’t experienced with traffic and motor vehicle controls. Because of this, they may experience stress, which can cause them to make sudden and irrational decisions that can lead to car accidents.

2. Elderly drivers

Being an older driver doesn’t equate to being a better driver — or even a good one. While elderly drivers may be very well experienced with traffic, traffic laws and vehicle use, they may also have health issues that impair their driving abilities. For example, an elderly driver who has undiagnosed vision issues may struggle to see moving objects in front of them, which may cause an accident.

3. Drunk drivers

Alcohol severely impairs people’s senses that are responsible for safe driving. A drunk driver’s focus, vision and judgment may be impaired as such. Drunk drivers may violate traffic laws and drive erratically around others.

4. Drowsy drivers

Being tired can limit people’s senses much like alcohol. They may have poor vision and reaction time because they’re sleepy. Drowsy drivers who are overexerted may also fall asleep behind the wheel and lose control of their vehicle. 

5. Distracted drivers

It’s nearly impossible not to be distracted while driving. However, drivers may cause some of their own distractions. The leading cause of distractions is phones. Many drivers prioritize their phones over the focus and control of their vehicles. 

When an accident isn’t your fault, you should be compensated for your injuries and losses. If you’re having difficulties getting the compensation you need, then you may need to learn about your legal options.

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