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Help keep your teen safer this prom season

Prom season is upon us, and on its heels are graduation and the parties and end-of-school celebrations. If you have teens, you likely worry about their safety while participating in these typical high school events.

There’s nothing like keeping the lines of communication open with your teens so they feel free to come to you with anything on their minds. Below are some additional tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for keeping kids safer during prom season:

1. Don’t speed

Nearly a third of teen crash fatalities involve excessive speed. That eliminates any additional reaction time that could prevent a catastrophic wreck.

2. Keep your mind on the road

Passengers contribute to teen driver distraction. A car full of exuberant teens on their way to prom or the after-parties is a recipe for disaster. Consider pooling resources with other parents for a chauffeur-driven limo so that there are no distracted drivers at the wheel.

3. Stay sober

Whether your teen is behind the wheel or not, staying sober can protect them from many dangers that accompany intoxication and substance abuse. Let them know they can call at any hour for a safe ride home rather than ride with a driver who has imbibed alcohol.

If an accident occurs, what can parents do?

Sometimes, taking every precaution isn’t enough for your teenager to dodge an accident with another at-fault driver. If your child suffers injuries in a collision on prom night or any other time, as their parent, you have the responsibility to preserve their right to seek compensation by timely filing your claim for damages and other losses.

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