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An admission of fault could affect your car accident claim

If you are involved in a car accident, it is essential to handle the situation properly, given the high stakes. This means avoiding actions that could negatively impact your ability to recover damages from liable parties.

A common mistake people often make after a car accident is admitting fault, directly or indirectly. Saying that you were on your phone or your mind was elsewhere or even apologizing to the other driver can imply a responsibility for the crash. That’s something that could come back to bite you.

Your contribution to the accident will affect your settlement

Before a car accident claim is settled, insurance companies will investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash to ascertain each driver’s contribution. The driver’s statements after a crash are among the most crucial pieces of evidence.

An admission of fault gives them a reason to argue that you were partially or fully responsible. Remember that your level of fault will reduce the compensation due to you under Wisconsin’s comparative negligence laws. In addition, you cannot recover compensation if you bear most of the fault.

For example, you will recover 70% of your damages if you are 30% to blame. If the tables turn and you are 70% to blame, you cannot get compensation for the harm or losses you suffered.

Do not jeopardize your claim

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to minimize payouts or avoid paying out altogether. Sometimes they do this by making the most of mistakes made by claimants who may be oblivious to the fact that they are hurting their chances of recovering the compensation they deserve.

It helps to get legal counsel immediately after an accident. Experienced guidance could make a big difference in your claim and help protect your rights and interests.

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