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3 situations that could lead to premises liability claims

Property owners and businesses that allow members of the public access to their premises have to engage in proper maintenance and cleaning to ensure the space remains safe for visitors. Premises liability is the term that describes the legal and financial culpability that a property owner may have if someone gets hurt while visiting a business or other publicly accessible space. 

Premises liability claims can arise for a variety of different reasons, but many of the largest claims fall into one of the three categories below:

1. Negligent property maintenance

Properly maintaining a space so that it is safe for people requires regular cleaning and inspections. Issues ranging from untended-to messes to leaky machinery might result in a slip-and-fall or similar incident that leaves a visitor injured and the business liable. 

2. Animal bite incidents

A homeowner is typically liable if their pet bites and injures someone. Businesses that have shop pets or that allow patrons or workers to bring animals onto the premises may also have some degree of liability if an animal attacks someone at the property. 

3. Negligent security that leads to crime

Much criminal activity is spontaneous, but some of it is reasonably predictable. For example, druggings and bar fights are common at clubs and other venues that serve alcohol. Muggings and robberies may occur in places with large numbers of visitors and tourists, like entertainment districts and hotel parking lots. Businesses that fail to address obvious security concerns may have some degree of liability should patrons end up injured during the commission of a crime. 

A premises liability claim may involve an insurance settlement or civil litigation pursued by someone hurt on another party’s property. Recognizing when a property owner may have liability for someone people seek an appropriate resolution after they get hurt on someone else’s property.

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