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Who is liable for injuries at fairs and festivals?

Fairs, festivals, outdoor music concerts and the like are all part of American summers – and they’re usually a lot of fun. However, even in the middle of all the excitement, safety is still supposed to be a big priority.

When problems happen and someone is injured as a result, who is ultimately responsible? Is it “attend at your own risk,” or do the organizers of the event bear some liability?

Premises liability still applies

Generally speaking, any injuries that are caused by someone’s negligence, recklessness or deliberate and wrongful actions could be part of a premises liability claim. Premises liability laws require the owners of the property, the company that organized the event and any managers to make sure that the property is reasonably safe for attendees and guests.

Examples of negligence at a fair or festival can include things like:

  • Failure to erect hazard signs around known dangers
  • Inadequate lighting in areas where people are expected to walk at night
  • Ride operators who aren’t properly trained to do their jobs
  • A lack of emergency planning or not having emergency responders on site
  • Permitting the venue to become overcrowded
  • Blocks that prevent easy egress from closed-in areas
  • Inadequate security measures to provide for everyone’s safety
  • Exposed electrical cables or cables left in high-traffic areas
  • Failures to inspect rides or stages and make sure they’re safe for use

If you were hurt or a loved one suffered an injury at a summer event like a fair or a festival, make sure that you promptly report the injuries to the management and seek medical attention right away. Then, find out more about your legal options to recover your losses.

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