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18% of fatal accidents are rear-end crashes

Fatal accidents happen in numerous different ways, and it can sometimes be beneficial to break down the statistics so that drivers can understand what risks they face on the road. This can help drivers to focus on safety, while also being aware of the mistakes other drivers are most likely to make.

One type of car accident that is very difficult to avoid is a rear-end accident. The person who is in the front car may never see the crash coming until it happens. Even if they do, they may have no way to avoid that accident or take evasive action. For instance, a driver stopped in traffic may see that the car behind them is moving too quickly and won’t be able to stop in time, but that doesn’t mean there’s anywhere for them to go.

That’s why it’s notable that just under 18% of deadly accidents happen as rear-end crashes. This is not the largest category – that belongs to angled collisions, at 44.8% – but it is still a significant risk.

Potential reasons these accidents happen

In some cases, rear-end accidents happen because drivers are tailgating. If they don’t have enough space to react, they’re much more likely to cause an accident.

Speeding is also linked to some rear-end accidents. A driver who is moving too quickly also reduces their own reaction time, even if their following distance appears appropriate.

Finally, rear-end accidents are often caused by distraction. Drivers need to begin slowing their car immediately when it’s necessary. If a driver is looking down at their phone, talking to a passenger, looking at the GPS screen or something else, then they may not see that it’s time to slow down until it’s too late.

Seeking financial compensation

Even when rear-end collisions are not deadly, they can cause life-altering injuries. Those who have been injured by the negligence of other drivers need to know what legal steps they can take to seek financial compensation.

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