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What happens after a crash causes a spinal cord injury?

The force involved in the motor vehicle collision can cause fatal injuries or medical conditions that can permanently affect someone’s life. One of the most feared and most severe injuries commonly associated with motor vehicle collisions is a spinal cord injury.

The blunt force trauma of the crash, the force of getting thrown from a vehicle or even penetrating injuries caused by flying debris could cause damage to someone’s spinal cord. What can people generally expect when a crash causes a spinal cord injury?

Emergency transportation and trauma care

A spinal cord injury can potentially worsen without the right medical treatment. Emergency medical technicians, fire department employees or paramedics responding to a crash will inquire about the possibility of a back injury and will take certain steps to protect someone who may have hurt their spine. Immobilization and stabilization during emergency transportation to medical facilities is common practice. People may remain immobilized until after medical professionals perform imaging tests to determine the location and severity of the spinal cord injury. They can then anticipate immediate trauma care, which might include surgery.

Long-term medical support needs

Those with a spinal cord injury require immediate medical care but will also require ongoing medical support for the rest of their life. They will have massive expenses in the first year after their injury and then ongoing medical maintenance costs for treatment and physical therapy to help them maintain function and muscle tone.

Long-term earning consequences

Many people with spinal cord injuries will have to change their professions. More severe injuries might necessitate an end of someone’s employment. People can therefore anticipate long-term reductions in earning potential because of an injury.

Changes to daily life

A spinal cord injury will inevitably impact someone’s independent living ability and the kinds of accommodations that they require. People may need to invest in specialized vehicles that are accessible for those wheelchairs. They may need to move to a new home or significantly remodeled their existing residents.

Overall, the impact of a spinal cord injury is usually a reduction in someone’s independence and a drastic shift in their finances. Many people involved in crashes and adjusting to life with a spinal cord injury benefit from looking into every option for compensation because of how expensive their injuries will prove to be over time.

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