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How a home inspector could help you

While it’s a dream for some people to buy a home and renovate it to their ideal image, it’s not the dream for everyone. Many people want a home that’s readily available for them to move into without any difficulties. However, rushing into a home purchase without making the right considerations can lead people to feel buyer’s remorse once they find out their new home is a fixer-upper. 

One of the things that can help people avoid fixer-upper homes is by hiring a home inspector. Here’s what you should know:

What a home inspector looks for in homes

A home inspector is trained to find issues in homes that might lead to difficulties for homeowners after a purchase. A qualified home inspector may even help buyers get a better estimate on the value of a home and help them understand what a home needs before it’s livable. Here are a few things home inspectors look for and why they’re problematic: 

  • Roofing: Holes or missing shingles in a roof may indicate weathering, damage and infestations.
  • Plumbing: Rusty pipes could indicate water damage or sewage problems.
  • Water damage: Mildew smells or wet spots could indicate mold, leaking and flooding.
  • Foundation issues: Cracks in the outer and inner walls may indicate instability and larger issues with the land.
  • Windows: Shattered glass, uneven frames or old windows could indicate heating issues, bug problems and weathering.
  • Wiring: Exposed wires or poorly made electrical repairs could indicate fire hazards and unqualified maintenance in a home.
  • Wall damage: Holes in the wall could indicate former or present mice, rat or bug infestations.

It’s important to consider what a home inspector discovers about a home. What they discover could reveal the true value of a home. However, it may require the help of legal guidance to know what to do next as you consider a home purchase. 

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