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Legal and contractual mistakes to avoid when closing on a house

The final phase of the home-buying process is fraught with various complexities and pitfalls. If you are not careful, you could make blunders that could complicate the deal and cost you a lot. Navigating the closing process requires careful attention to detail and a clear understanding of your responsibilities as a potential home buyer.

Here are some key mistakes to be wary of to ensure your home-buying experience is as seamless as possible.

Overlooking the closing costs

It helps to understand the fees and expenses beyond the purchase price of the property. They include loan origination fees, title insurance,  appraisal, escrow and recording fees. Overlooking these closing costs can lead to unexpected financial hurdles and potential setbacks that could derail the deal.

Rushing through the contract

You could miss important details that could protect your interests if you rush through the home purchase contract. Ensure you review all terms and conditions and seek clarification on aspects you do not understand.  This can help identify any potential issues, unfavorable terms or unexpected obligations.

Skipping the home inspection

A home inspection can reveal hidden issues that might not be apparent during a casual walk-through or defects the seller might have missed in their disclosure. Problems like structural damage, plumbing issues or faulty wiring can be expensive to rectify, and it’s crucial to always insist on a comprehensive inspection before committing yourself.

Neglecting legal assistance

Real estate transactions involve complex jargon and legal paperwork that may be difficult to navigate without proper guidance. Ignoring qualified assistance during the home-buying process can expose you to significant risks and losses. 

Getting an informed review of the home purchase contract can help protect your interests, giving you peace of mind and safeguarding your investment.

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