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Police investigate car accident that killed Wisconsin pedestrian

There is a large number of people who utilize Wisconsin roadways. Because some users, such as pedestrians, could suffer serious injuries if struck by a motor vehicle, many places have precautions in place to help preserve their safety. Unfortunately, these measures are not foolproof. As a result, police are currently investigating a car accident that led to the death of a young woman.

3 injured, 1 killed in Wisconsin car accident

If asked, all drivers in Wisconsin would likely state that they are aware of the importance of constant vigilance when driving on the state's roadways. Unfortunately, even a split second of inattention can have devastating consequences. When driving on a highway, for example, a driver can be lulled into a false sense of security, allowing his or her attention to wander. Unfortunately, a car accident in Wisconsin recently killed one man and sent three people to the hospital.

Wisconsin car accident reportedly sends 4 to hospital

Anyone who has driven on Wisconsin interstates is likely familiar of the effect construction has on traffic. Fortunately, signs typically provide warnings to drivers about upcoming construction sites. However, one car accident reportedly occurred after the driver of a commercial truck failed to respond appropriately to slowing traffic.

Speed suspected in fatal Wisconsin car accident

For many people is Wisconsin, a car is simply a means of transportation. For some, however, it is much more, including a hobby and a point of pride. While most people who own a sports car, for example, are extremely safe drivers, some people may be unable to avoid the temptation of pushing the car to its limits. However, disobeying speed limits could lead to tragedy, as shown by a recent fatal car accident that police say may have been caused by a speed.

Study: distracted driving accident statistically high with teens

The dangers of texting and driving are well-publicized. Many states, including Wisconsin, have laws banning such an action while driving because of the potential risk of causing a distracted driving accident. However, people still engage in the risky behavior, putting themselves and others at risk. Texting is not the only behavior that could distract a driver and potentially cause an accident. A recent student claims that distracted driving is more often the cause of accidents involving teen drivers than previously thought.

Fatal Wisconsin car accident results in criminal charges

The potential dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol are well-known. Unfortunately, many people in Wisconsin and across the country continue to make the poor decision to get behind the wheel while inebriated. Police in Wisconsin believe that drugs may have played a role in a fatal car accident. The driver of the only vehicle involved has since been charged.

Litigation in Wisconsin pedestrian car accident cases

As the winter thaws, more people in Wisconsin will likely spend their time outdoors, likely resulting in additional pedestrians on or near the roadways. Unfortunately, some pedestrians become the victims of a car accident. In fact, statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association indicate that approximately 5,000 pedestrians are killed in accidents involving motor vehicles each year. In 2012, an additional 76,000 pedestrians were injured. Those injured -- or their relatives in the event of a fatality -- have the option of seeking damages in a civil court if it can be proved that the accident was caused by a driver's negligence.

Woman killed in Wisconsin car accident

While drivers should always exercise caution, extra caution is needed when a school bus is in the area. Unfortunately, one woman was recently killed in a Wisconsin car accident after she stopped near a bus that was unloading school children. The accident remains under investigation.

1 killed, 1 injured in Wisconsin car accident

Anyone who travels on this country's roadways is likely aware of the risk that they are taking by doing so. People die or are seriously injured in accidents every day. While there are many instances where a victim is unable to avoid a car accident, there are some simple actions that a driver can take to increase his or her safety while using the roadways, such as obeying posted speed limits. Unfortunately, police believe speed may have been a factor in a recent Wisconsin accident that killed one man and injured another.

Wisconsin man killed in suspected drunk driving car accident

Most people who use the roadways are likely aware that they face some degree of risk. They could be injured as a result of a miscalculation of their own or due to the negligence of someone else. Most people, however, feel they are relatively safe walking on a neighborhood sidewalk. Unfortunately, a young man in Wisconsin recently lost his life in a car accident after being struck by a vehicle while he was on a sidewalk.

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