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Wisconsin car accident claims the life of a pedestrian

Two people were hit by a vehicle on a recent Friday afternoon while taking a walk. The car accident has left one person dead and another seriously injured on a Wisconsin roadway. The driver has been arrested and charged with reckless homicide, among other vehicular charges.

Wisconsin woman hit 3 times in car accident

A chain reaction accident occurred on a Dane County highway. The morning commute turned tragic when a 58-year-old woman was killed. Wisconsin authorities believe that the glare from the sun may have been a contributing factor to the car accident.

Wisconsin man killed in DUI car accident, friend was driving

After a night out with friends, a 27-year-old man was recently a victim of a drunk driving accident. His sister is in the process of raising funds to cover his medical expenses. At the time of the drunk driving crash, the other driver was not insured in Wisconsin. Tragically, the man has died as a result of this car accident.

Man dies in Wisconsin car accident after running stop sign

Most Wisconsin residents are aware that a car accident can happen at any given time. This is especially true when other drivers do not exercise responsible driving behavior. This is unfortunately the case in one recent Wisconsin car accident where a 31-year-old man did not stop at a stop sign. That man has died and the other victim had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of significant injuries.

Wisconsin driver fails to yield, causes 2-car accident

Car accidents that result in injury continue to plague our roadways. Most Wisconsin readers are aware that a car accident can take place within just a few seconds. For this reason, many people try to drive defensively but, even then, a crash is not always avoidable. Recently, a two-car accident occurred on a Saturday afternoon along Wisconsin 42 where it meets South Trail Road in Egg Harbor.

Wisconsin car accident kills 1, 1 other in critical condition

Driving on Wisconsin roadways can be dangerous. Most Wisconsin residents know that when they drive, they must guard against inexperience, reckless or sleepy drivers. Every now and then, a car accident can prove fatal no matter how many precautions someone takes. Due to a sleepy driver, a recent accident has resulted in a fatality and injuries.

Wisconsin car accident occurs after driver runs stop sign

Motorists are usually susceptible to any number of obstacles that could lead to an accident while driving on our roads. A single-vehicle car accident in Wisconsin is no exception. Sadly, a single-car accident occurred recently in Pierce County at around 3:50 a.m. after a driver running a stop sign. The driver and passenger were injured.

Wisconsin man killed in car accident with semi-truck

Semi-trucks are typically dangerous vehicles, and the reasons are obvious. When a driver ends up in a car accident with a semi-truck, serious injuries or death is typically the tragic result. This was the case in a recent crash where a 61-year-old Wisconsin man was killed in a collision with a semi-truck.

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